Alpla, Inc.

Alpla, Inc. (Plastic Bottles)

Shaping a global future:

A large and skilled manufacturing labor base, a world-class workforce training program funded by the Texas Skills Development Fund, strategic incentives, low taxes and low costs for doing business - Progress Park has all the elements in place to support plastics manufacturing with the strength and dynamism to thrive in a global market.

Innovation, incentives:

Current tenants include ALPLA, a global leader in plastic packaging, supplying Sunny Delight Beverages Co. (SDBC) with innovative square bottles in a co-manufacturing location, and Consolidated Container Corporation now supplying other SDBC facilities through manufacturing processes setting new standards in sustainability. Progress Park’s custom tailored state and local incentives packages encompass a range of “wide open for business” supports including exemptions for tangible property and for sales and use tax on natural gas and electricity used in the manufacturing process.