Tyson Fresh Meats

Tyson Fresh Meats (Case Ready Meats)

Pouring on the advantages:

It’s no surprise Sunny Delight Beverages Co. (SDBC) chose its Progress Park manufacturing facility to debut the brand’s very first easy-to-pour square gallon bottle. Food producers like SDBC and Tyson Fresh Meats, hungry for outside-the-box thinking and advantages that nurture growth, find Progress Park the ideal location. While low-cost, highly skilled labor insures top quality and bottom-line value, our pro-business community welcomes producers and processors with custom-tailored incentives that hasten ROI.

Tap into strategic resources:

Progress Park’s abundant water capacity and gas and electric infrastructure are the right fit for virtually any processing operation, and logistical assets insure quick delivery to retail shelves and waiting consumers. Located just 40 miles north of Dallas, Progress Park offers highway, rail and air connections that insure easy reach to major U.S. markets, with 10 leading motor freight companies plus truck leasing services ready to meet your needs.